KBHAC During COVID-19.


A humorous but serious message about looking after our mob.

Uncle Widdy has this message for you all regarding Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19.

The big message from what's happening at the moment is it's not a time to panic but definitely is a time to take precautions for the sake of your health, your family and our mob in general.

The Uncle's want you all to look after yourselves and each other - we hope our Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation FaceBook page provides another great resource for all you deadly folk to get information to stay healthy.

Below is a link to a great resource to read up on.

Click here to read

Caring For Our Mob courtesy of Yerin Incorporating Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre.

P.S. Please note at this stage no one within our KBHAC Community has been infected with COVID-19 and we're hoping it remains that way.

Taking control of our future