Kinchela Boys Home

History of Kinchela Boys Home

Kinchela Boys Home was built on the stolen land of the Dunghutti. We would like to acknowledge the Dunghutti and other First Nations peoples of this country whose boys were kidnapped under the policies that created the Stolen Generations.

Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home (KBH) was a ‘home’ run by the NSW Government for over 50 years (1924 – 1970) to house Aboriginal boys forcibly removed from their families. It is a place of deep importance for survivors, their families and communities. KBH was built on the stolen land of the Dunghutti. The site and its associated places hold memories, both painful and otherwise, of their childhood after being kidnapped from their families and deliberate re-programmed in order to assimilate into white Australian society. The place itself, historical records and the memories and stories of survivors provide tangible evidence of these destructive past Government policies and practices for the education and understanding of all Australians.

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