Community and Remembrance
History Stage 2


There's a pressing need for educational resources that include the voices of Aboriginal Peoples and Survivors of the Stolen Generations. These perspectives are integral for a comprehensive and authentic understanding of Australia's history, and are crucial to respect for principles of self-determination and representation.

Kinchela Boys Home has therefore developed a series of Aboriginal-led Syllabus Packages and Lesson Plans to assist teachers in delivering nuanced and culturally-informed content across the History, English and Aboriginal Studies curricula, that seek to foster empathy, truth telling, healing and active reconciliation.

About this Resource

Covering Content and Outcomes HT2-1 and ACHHK063 of the History Stage 2 Syllabus, this syllabus package explores National Sorry Day, National Reconciliation Week and a case study of Kinchela Boys Home. This topic provides a study of identity and diversity in both a local and broader context. Moving from the heritage of their local area, students explore the historical features and diversity of their community. They examine local, state and national symbols and emblems of significance, and celebrations and commemorations, both locally and in other places around the world.

The syllabus package contains:

  • 1 PDF for teachers, containing 5 detailed lesson plans with clear outcomes-based guidance and activities;
  • 1 PDF for students, a 25-page primary source rich activity booklet on the topic of commemoration and remembrance;
  • 1 multi-lesson PowerPoint presentation to support in-class discussion across the material and facilitate  multimodal learning on the issue.


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By purchasing this syllabus you are helping us to continue our work: supporting Survivors and their Descendants and Families; advocating for change and social justice; and educating Australians about the horrors of the Stolen Generations, so we can ensure these mistakes are never made again.

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Community and Remembrance

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