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News & Events

Much healing goes on in the trusted context of KBH reunions. Many of the KBH men note this is the only time they open up about their experiences.

Such experiences are not only an important social occasion for KBH men, but they also provide an informal and effective way to move healing along, even where painful memories and experiences are involved.

These gatherings are also times when the family members and descendants of the KBH men reconnect with one another, which helps build relationships between them and strengthen a KBH community of care and support. Individual KBHAC members turn to this community throughout the year, especially when they need support from those who ‘understand them’.

National Sorry Day | May 26th 

National Sorry Day gives Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and non-Indigenous Australians the chance to come together and commemorate the history of forced Aboriginal child removals and their continued effect on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities.

National Reconciliation Week | May 27th - June 3rd 

National Reconciliation week takes place annually from May 27th to June 3rd. These dates are important milestones in the ‘reconciliation journey’. The 27th of May was the day of the successful 1967 referendum and the 3rd of June 1992 was the day of the High Court’s Mabo Decision, which overturned the fiction of ‘terra nullius’ or ‘land belonging to no one’.

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